Appliance Calculator

These are some of the appliances commonly found around your house. Click the checkbox next to the appliances you have and then the Calculate button to find out your approximate monthly energy costs to operate them. Typical power consumption and hours of use vary. Move your mouse cursor over any appliance to find out how we calculated it. You may also change the kWh value to see how your operating costs may change as energy costs vary.

Kitchen Appliances
Blender Bread Maker Broiler
Can Opener Coffee maker Cooktop / Range
Crock Pot Dishwasher, heated dry cycle Dishwasher, no dry cycle
Food Processor Freezer (~16ft3) Frying Pan / Skillet
Fryer, deep fat Garbage Disposal Griddle
Ice Cream Maker Ice Crusher Microwave Oven
Mixer, hand-held Mixer, stand Oven, electric
Popcorn Popper Refrigerator/Freezer, dorm size Refrigerator / Freezer, standard
Roaster Rotisserie Toaster Oven
Toaster, 2-slice        
Laundry Appliances
Clothes Dryer, electric Clothes Washer Iron
Personal Items
Curling Iron Electric Blanket Hair Dryer
Heating Pad Indoor Whirlpool Tub Outdoor Hot Tub
Shaver Sun/Heat Lamp Waterbed Heater, double
Home Electronics
Computer Fax Machine Radio or Clock Radio
Stereo Television, 13-inch Television, 35-inch
Air Quality
Air Cleaner Air Conditioner, central Air Conditioner, room
Dehumidifier Fan, attic Fan, box
Fan, ceiling Fan, furnace blower Heater, portable
Incandescent Bulb Compact Fluorescent Bulb Holiday Lights, large (20/string)
Holiday Lights, small (50/string) Outdoor Lights, bug light Outdoor Lights, flood or spot light
Outdoor Lights, lamp post Outdoor Lights, porch light    
Belt Sander Circular Saw Disk Sander
Drill Electric Lawnmower Garage Door Opener
Hedge Clipper Sabre saw/Jig saw Soldering Gun
Aquarium Heater Clock Engine Block Heater
Sewing Machine Sump Pump Swimming Pool Pump
Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum, central system Water Heater, electric
Water Softener Well or Water Pump    

Calculator Results

If energy costs are:
$ /kWh
Total monthly operating costs
are approximately:
Please note: This calculator is provided as an energy conservation tool. Calculations should not be interpreted as an accurate measure of electrical usage.
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