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Connect to the outdoors with a sunroom
Connect to the outdoors with a sunroom
Sunrooms bring light to dark spaces, and can also help with your heating bill
A home for the future
Building a new home is an opportunity to create a home that reflects who you are. Rita and Leonard Tiedt wanted a home that had low costs to operate and was easy to maintain.
A house built in a factory
A modular or system-built home is constructed inside a factory and delivered to the job site in sections. Learn how energy efficiency is built in these homes.
Advanced framing
Building your home with advanced framing uses less wood and allow for more insulation
Aging in place
Using universal design principals, your home can adapt to your changing lifestyle needs.
Basement finishing system
This system is designed specifically to make basement space comfortable and livable
Building Wisconsin's trend home
Energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building all play a part in living a sustainable lifestyle.
Building an ENERGY STAR home
Learn more about building your home to ENERGY STAR standards, how it is certified and the savings you can expect.
Building an energy smart house
When you're building a new house it's easy to forget about the energy efficient, but it is critical to the comfort and performance of the house.
Building in energy efficiency
Air sealing, new equipment, insulation are all things to consider when it's time to remodel. Find out where to start.
Energy efficient house
What do you really get when you buy an energy efficient house? Find out from a couple that have recently moved into their dream home.
Cement tile roofing
Learn the benefits and advantages of this roofing material becoming more popular for Midwest applications
Choosing a builder for your home
A dream house is a partnership between you and your builder. Learn the important things to look for and questions to ask when choosing an energy efficient builder.
Connect to the outdoors with a sunroom
Sunrooms bring light to dark spaces, and can also help with your heating bill
Cork flooring
Beautiful, sustainable and with great thermal and acoustical insulating properties. See if cork flooring is right for your next project.
Earth friendly home construction
Check out a new concept in building construction that uses natural materials for new homes.
Earth-friendly flooring
Attractive, energy-efficient flooring from sustainable sources
Energy efficiency at the Wisconsin Trend Home
Take a tour of the systems including the insulation, heat recovery ventilator and more that make this house so energy efficient.
Energy efficient new home construction
Building energy-efficiency into your new home
Green building
Green buildings and green building process team up for sustainability
Green building ideas
With all the talk about building green, it's hard to know where to start. Check out the basics of green building.
Green building materials
Building supplies that are good for the earth and good for your family.
Green home construction
See a new home under construction using many green building techniques.
HERS rating
Have you every wondered how a house gets the ENERGY STAR label? We'll tag along on a HERS test to see what they are looking for.
Historic preservation
Can an older home be restored economically and energy efficiently?
Installing a motion detector light
Save energy, and increase security around your home with a motion detecting light fixture
Insulated concrete forms
Using insulated concrete forms when you build can increase the energy efficiency of your home for a lifetime.
Kitchen remodel
Tour the "before" kitchen of the Brink family and see what energy-efficiency upgrades they have planned.
Advanced framing
Living in an energy efficient home has lots of benefits including increased comfort and reduced energy bills.
Log home construction
Sometimes old ideas can be new again. Log homes can be an energy efficient option for building a new home.
Moisture resistant building envelope
Building energy-efficiency in to your new home helps control moisture inside and out.
New homes, new materials
See an alternative construction product, Greenkrete, used in a new home.
PHTV 1801 segment 4 thumbnail
If you thought paneling is old school, then you need to check out these panels. Structural insulated panels can be used to build a very tight and energy efficient house. Learn more about how panels work.
Products to green your home
Learn about products that are available to help make your home greener, healthier and save you energy.
Rebuilding green
Learn some tips and techniques on making your existing home more sustainable and energy efficient.
Remodeling a 1950's ranch
Build or remodel, it's a decision lots of homeowners have to make. Learn about all the ways you can update and upgrade an existing house to be energy efficient.
Sustainable communities
Energy efficiency is a great way to start to be sustainable. Find out what you and your community can do to be more sustainable.
Tour of finished kitchen
See the complete kitchen that features a new window, energy-efficient lighting, new appliances and side-wall insulation. It looks great and will help save energy.
Turning a barn into an energy-smart house
Take a glimpse into the process of turning a century old barn into an energy-efficient home today.
Upgrading windows, lighting, insulation
Meet the lighting, insulation and window contractors working on this kitchen remodel.
What's a Trombe wall?
A Trombe wall is a passive solar component which absorbs solar energy and releases it selectively towards the interior at night.
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