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Alliant Energy's PowerHouse is an award-winning educational program designed to help you improve the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of your home.
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Every month you can take part in an energy-efficient home improvement challenge. These challenges will include seasonal topics to help you save on your energy bill all year long.

May challenge: Plant a tree and call 811 before you dig.

Make an effective – and beautiful – home energy improvement this month. Save in the right spot in your yard. Trees clean the air, slow the wind and block the sun − making them an effective home energy improvement. Just make sure you call 811 before you dig.

April challenge: Wrap your water heater.

Insulate an older tank with a blanket to reduce heat loss and your energy use.

Save energy and take the challenge today. Here’s how:

Popular topics

101 easy ways to save energy

Mom and son in laundry room

Quick, simple things you can do around the home to reduce your energy consumption.

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Power surges — cause and effect

Overloaded electric outlet

Lightning strikes may trigger a power surge, but most are caused by conditions within your home.

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Portable generators and space heaters

portable generator

Portable heaters and generators are convenient, but use them with extreme caution.

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Insulation tips & tricks

Man installing insulation

Don't overlook these important elements when you upgrade your insulation.

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Space heating myths

Myth in large lettering

Space heaters are not the best way to heat your home. Find out why.

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Windows and Doors

Man holding up a double hung window

Learn how to find the most energy-efficient models, or tighten up the ones you have.

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Pete and Megan, hosts of PowerHouse

Meet our hosts and find out when PowerHouse airs in your area.

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May 8, 2021

Segment 1:
Cleaning Ducts

Segment 2:
Sealing Ducts

Segment 3:
Radon Testing

Segment 4:
Vent fan replacement