Pete and Megan, hosts of PowerHouse

Pete Seyfer

Pete Seyfer brings a background of television anchoring to his role as co-host of PowerHouse.

Pete spent 14 years anchoring news and sports for various television stations across the upper Midwest prior to joining the PowerHouse program.

But that doesn't mean Pete doesn't know how to swing a hammer. Whether it's adding insulation to his home to help lower the family heating bill or just simply shutting off lights in his kids' rooms, Pete has been keen to practice what he and Megan Turner preach each week on PowerHouse.

Pete says one of the most enjoyable aspects of being associated with PowerHouse is hearing how homeowners have acted on some idea presented on PowerHouse and that they then have noticed a positive difference - be it in their utility bill or just the added comfort in their home.

Pete lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with his wife Joy and their four children.

Megan Turner

Megan Turner has extensive experience both in front of the camera and behind a caulk gun.

Megan loves houses and history - and just to prove it, she lives in an 1890s house. The house is an on-going home improvement project, especially improving its energy efficiency.

According to Megan, "PowerHouse is a continuous education for me and Pete - we always take away something from the experts and fans we meet!"

Megan's favorite part of the show is the do-it-yourself segments! When she's not in front of the camera Megan is kept busy with voiceover work, community theater (both onstage and in the audience), travel, and enjoying time spent with her family and good friends.

Megan lives in her beautiful old house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with her husband Steve and three sons.