Alliant Energy's PowerHouse is an award-winning educational program designed to help you improve the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of your home.

Along with this website, the core of our effort is the PowerHouse television show. This half-hour weekly program has a unique focus on home energy, including heating, cooling, insulation, lighting, safety and more.

Each week, hosts Megan Turner and Pete Seyfer demonstrate easy do-it-yourself projects, explore new energy technology and ask the experts for tips that you can use in your own home.

Frequently-asked questions

Are Pete and Megan married?

Nope - show hosts Pete Seyfer and Megan Turner are happily married to other people. After working together for many 13 years, they've become good friends and colleagues.

Who produces PowerHouse?

The PowerHouse television show - and this website - are written and produced by Alliant Energy, an energy services company based in Madison, Wis., with more than one million customers across the upper Midwest.

The show is currently filmed and edited by KCRG Studios in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

How long has PowerHouse been on the air?

The first PowerHouse episode was aired in September 1996 on KCRG-TV9 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Where does PowerHouse air?

The PowerHouse show appears in six broadcast television markets in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Why does Alliant Energy produce PowerHouse?

We're committed to educating our utility customers about the importance of energy conservation and safety. The PowerHouse television show, this website and related materials allow us to reach our nearly one million residential customers in a cost-effective way.

Who pays for the production of PowerHouse?

The production costs and air time for the PowerHouse television show are paid by Alliant Energy shareholders and utility customers.

How do you choose the experts that appear on the show?

The home service professionals who appear on the PowerHouse show are local contractors and dealers who are regionally or nationally recognized as experts in their fields.

In most cases, these contractors and retailers are part of Alliant Energy's Energy Efficiency Dealer Network who assist us with encouraging energy conservation and promoting our energy efficiency incentives.

How do you choose the companies and products featured on the show?

Alliant Energy focuses on products and equipment produced or distributed by Midwest companies, such as Pella and Eagle windows, Kohler plumbing fixtures, Whirlpool and Sub-Zero appliances and Lennox air conditioners.

We also seek out and evaluate innovative new products and technology that have the potential to help our customers save energy and money.

Can I be on the show?

We feature homeowners in the upper Midwest who have made significant energy-saving improvements or built energy-efficient or unusual new homes. Learn more about appearing on PowerHouse.

About the website

All the articles found on the PowerHouse website are written by Alliant Energy. Our content is reviewed and approved by our team of energy efficiency and safety experts. Most of our facts are official statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration.

We sometimes provide links to other informative websites, as well as brochures and fact sheets produced by other knowledgeable organizations. We generally limit these outside links to government agencies, trade associations and non-profit groups, and we make every effort to ensure that the information they provide is accurate and up-to-date.

In some articles featuring new technology, we may mention specific manufacturers by name to fairly credit their innovations. We also provide links to industry-leading major manufacturers that are customers of Alliant Energy.