In this video: Tour a CFL recycling site and learn why it is important to take bulbs to a recycling center and not put them in the trash.

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Tube skylights

Company representative holding tube skylight

A newer version of a skylight is a highly-reflective tube that brings light into areas of your home that are dark.

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LED lighting

Lit up LED light bulb

With their long life span, durability, energy efficiency and safety, LEDs are a popular new choice in lighting.

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Dimmers, timers and motion sensors

Outlet, switch and dimmer switch

Adding different lighting controls can help you save energy by adding light only when and where you need it.

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Holiday lighting

Tree in front yard with lights on it

Learn how to decorate your home safely and without spending a lot of jingle.

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Designing with light

Man on computer near undercabinet light

Find out how to use the basics of lighting design to get the right light in the right place.

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Buying light bulbs

Store aisle with light bulbs

The lighting aisle can be confusing! There are lots of options available and information on the package.

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