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Alliant Energy's PowerHouse is an award-winning educational program designed to help you improve the energy efficiency, safety and comfort of your home.
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Every month you can take part in an energy-efficient home improvement challenge. These challenges include seasonal topics to help you save on your energy bill all year long.

August challenge: Make a storm kit

As summer winds down, we still need to be aware of, and prepared for, severe weather. Be ready with a storm emergency kit that includes water, food, first aid supplies and other essential items. This can be a lifesaver. Keep it up to date and handy so you're ready for the unexpected. 

Learn more about how to prepare for bad weather from Pete and Megan.

July challenge: Check on your air conditioner

It’s summer and your air conditioner is working overtime to keep you comfortable.

Beat the heat with this month’s PowerHouse Challenge: Check on your air conditioner. Schedule a tuneup, change the furnace filter and trim plants around your outside compressor. Simple steps like these will help your AC run more efficiently, keep you cool and save energy. 

Learn more about an AC tuneup from Pete and Megan:

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101 easy ways to save energy

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Find quick, simple things you can do around the home to reduce your energy consumption.

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Power surges — cause and effect

Overloaded electric outlet

Lightning strikes may trigger a power surge, but most are caused by conditions within your home.

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Portable generators and space heaters

portable generator

Portable heaters and generators are convenient, but use them with extreme caution.

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Installing a heating and cooling system

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One of the biggest purchases a homeowner can make is to install a new furnace and air conditioner. Learn what you need to know when faced with this big decision.

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Appliances and electronics

Kitchen with new appliances

Learn how to choose and make the most of your household appliances and electronics.

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Windows and doors

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Learn how to find the most energy-efficient models, or tighten up the ones you have.

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Pete and Megan, hosts of PowerHouse

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