Unplugging unused devices

In this video: It sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many devices around the home stay plugged in, even when we're not using them. Here are some tips to help you become a master unplugger and save money.

Advanced power strips

In this video: New power strip technology can help manage phantom energy usage and save money on your energy bill.

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Home ENERGY STAR® rating

Home ENERGY STAR® rating seal

You've heard of ENERGY STAR® rating for appliances, but did you know your home can achieve ENERGY STAR® certification?

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Flip one switch and turn everything off

Woman demonstrating light switch

Don't leave your home's lights and electronics on anymore. Install this one simple switch that turns off everything at once.

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Electric vehicles (EVs)

Man in garage with car and charger

Thinking about getting an electric vehicle (EV?) There are so many reasons to consider a modern EV for your next car.

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Home inspections

Home inspector checking a window

Buying a new home? A certified home inspector can help you pinpoint areas that need attention.

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Do a home energy audit

Man checking pipes in basement

Find out how an energy audit or assessment can help you find air leaks and other ways to save energy around your house.

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Natural gas generators

Natural gas generator in a backyard

Whole house generators are connected to the natural gas lines in your home to give you safe and efficient back-up power when you need it.

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Smart home technology

Person holding cell phone with energy management app

Safety, security, peace of mind and even energy savings - all from a single control panel.

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Central vacuum systems

Central vacuum plugged into wall

Tired of lugging that vacuum cleaner around? A central vac system will make cleaning easier and reduce allergens.

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Green mortgages

House keychain with keys

Learn about "green mortgages," a unique way to help homeowners invest in energy efficient technology and save money.

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